We Use Data To Drive Decisions

We work directly with your executive team each quarter to determine the strategic impact of the insights generated through PNI’s data.  We also can help shape your organization’s physician strategy in the context of the data.


We Do the Data Analysis

Our team takes ownership of understanding your market and making sense of the data in the context of your market. 

Our clients get insights about their market and the physicians practicing in it, not a data dump to interpret alone.

The Ultimate Value of Your Value Proposition

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Bidirectional Flow of Patients

Referral networks have become more complex as a result of carve-out, reform, and relationships. Physician Network Intelligence allows you to visualize the network from the primary care to specialist to hospital to post-acute care. Not only do we provide the reporting you need, but we put the data into meaningful graphs that help you tell your story.

Capture Market Share

It is estimated that 35% of provider referrals are leaked out of network, costing hospitals & multi-specialty groups millions of dollars per year. Using data, analytics and a proper tool, you can understand the flow of patients in your community and maximize in-network re

Referrals by specialty

By using a graphical approach to data, providers can spend more time on strategy and less time managing complicated referral records from multiple databases. It allows providers to visualize the network, from the primary care physician to specialist to hospital to post-acute care.


We Work With You to Build the Right Path

Our team will work directly with you to prioritize physician alignment opportunities as well as other strategic issues.

Our clients get defined priorities and suggested tactics for referral capture and revenue growth with a focus on ROI.


We Diagnose Roadblocks to Implementation

Our team works with you to evaluate potential barriers to success; ensuring that strategic priorities can be implemented.

Our clients know their investments in physician alignment and strategies for referral capture will be successfully executed.  

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